What is NautORplay?
Is it possible that one single person is able to move a 200 Kg. craft through the sand to the shore and vice versa?

NautORplay enables one single person to move a 500 Kg. craft through the beach. The craft’s weight and the resistance of the sand are not an obstacle any more for reaching the shore, launching easily the boat and making you enjoy freely your time in the sea. On the way back, you will be able to beach the craft and carry it without effort to your trailer by yourself, without nobody’s assistance.

Till nowadays this could only be done by one person with nobody’s help when using a crane or a ramp. These are only available in ports or nautical clubs where its use is subject to membership, payment and a strict timetable.

NautORplay Xsand is here to cover a need that nobody has done till now, making you free to sail and enjoy at any beach. - - Phone: (+34 ) 902 044 302 - Fax: (+34 ) 93 870 53 01 - Mobile: (+34 ) 677 48 33 99 - Avda. Francesc Màcia, 400, 08401 Granollers, Spain